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Cleanroom worker in complete uniform scanning products.
Over 10,000 Products in Stock

Cleanroom Supplies

Imagine how easy it would be if you had a single source for all your cleanroom supplies, apparel and compliance information.

Cintas is a national supplier of cleanroom supplies, with an extensive network of regional distribution centers and local warehouses. This means you can rely on one vendor for all your necessary cleanroom products and supplies instead of dozens, saving you valuable time and repetitive administrative costs while earning you helpful rebates for combined programs.

Cintas stocks over 10,000 cleanroom products — for sterile and non-sterile environments — in multiple locations.

We ensure prompt, economical delivery (free when combined with Cintas-delivered laundered cleanroom apparel), and we can arrange on-site inventory management and automatic restocking to save you time and guarantee operational continuity.

Cintas can also keep your cleanroom free of inefficiencies and extra costs.

Contact us and a Cintas representative will assess your operation and cleanroom supplies requirements. We can help you establish a cleanroom program that fills all your needs through a single source and saves you money month after month. Imagine that!