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Worker wearing a full Cintas cleanroom uniform.
Sterilization to 10-6 SAL

Laundering & Sterilization Services

Cleanroom garments are effective only if they're kept clean and sterile.

Our low-dose ranges and tight processing controls ensure that your cleanroom garments are sterilized to 10-6 SAL — a sterilization level that is 1,000 times greater than that of our competitors.

Each cleanroom location employs a quality control technician trained as internal auditor and microscopist and certified in quality and contamination control.

Cintas Cleanroom Resources operates a strategically located network of ISO Class 3 and 4 cleanroom garment processing facilities, featuring unprecedented process technology.

ISO 9001 registration, process validation, computerized inventory management and barcoding combine to ensure benchmark quality and reliability.

Consider Cintas as your best source for laundering and garment sterilization.

Contact us and a Cintas expert will help you establish a cleaning and sterilization program for your cleanroom garments, or to talk to us about the cleanroom products we have to offer.