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Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel

Add classically designed Cintas hotel uniforms to 1920s architecture and you are sure to find a combination that works for the Drake Hotel in Chicago. The uniforms enhance the feel of the hotel for the employees and patrons alike, as well as contribute to the easy identification of the hotel staff.

Bellmen wear a long jacket reminiscent of days past, the Cobra — an uncomplicated design with straight lines. Housekeeping staff sport classic mock notch-collar dresses or short sleeve fly-front shirts and everyday pants.

Behind the scenes staff are costumed more modernly. Chefs can be seen wearing our knot-button coats and standard pants. Engineers are outfitted in pleated pants and light blue work shirts developed for both comfort and safety. Security personnel are easily recognizable in 3-button stretch blazers and pleated stretch pants.

We outfit the Drake in both classic and modern elegance...styles that continue to perpetuate their stylish reputation, and ours too.