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Cintas DVX Provides Spring International with Cost-Effective Data Security

Spring International, a research consulting firm based outside of Philadelphia, stores a tremendous amount of data to best serve their clients. With such large volumes of data, the risk for servers crashing and data breach is high. The firm needed a secure backup solution to protect its databases and corporate email system and selected Cintas’ Digital Vault Exchange (DVX) system. With automatic backups performed nightly and the ability to recover deleted files or crashed hard drives, DVX provided the perfect solution for Spring International.


Spring International helps organizations develop strategic programs to drive business growth. Using customized research and advanced techniques, the firm measures employee engagement, public policy, human resources and communications programs, while providing training and consulting services. Because the firm stores a tremendous amount of proprietary research, data security is of utmost importance. In order to guarantee that its files are safe and secure around the clock, Spring International needed a reliable, secure backup solution to protect its databases and corporate email system.

“We preserve an abundance of private research files and survey results that are critical to the success of our business,” said Stephanie Bugen, Office Manager, Spring International. “We needed an electronic solution that could ensure our data is always properly protected.”


In search of a complete backup solution to replace its magnetic tape storage system, Spring International interviewed multiple vendors to find the right solution. In February 2011, management selected Cintas and their Digital Vault Exchange (DVX) because it was easy-to-use, cost-effective and could instantly recover data if deleted or corrupted. Also, because security is a high priority for Spring International, the firm liked the fact that Cintas DVX features high-level, 256-bit AES encryption that is equivalent to the U.S. government’s standard for classified information.

Easy to install, Spring International was impressed by the fact that the Cintas DVX solution was up and running within a week. Once established, management was able to set up the solution in minutes and immediately schedule routine backups. By utilizing two different backup sets, the solution gave the company instant access to all versions of saved files via any of their 17 web-enabled computers.

“Cintas DVX is easy-to-use, yet provides the security and functionality necessary to ensure our files are backed up 24/7,” said Bugen. “The service and support from Cintas made the transition a quick, painless process.”


Since implementing Cintas DVX, employees enjoy the peace of mind that it brings to their jobs. The solution performs backups every night at 11 p.m. and automatically sends an email alert to confirm success. It reduces costs compared to the previous solution by eliminating labor required to manually backup tapes. Cintas DVX also ensures files can be recovered if documents are accidentally deleted, hard drives crash or there is an unexpected disaster. Finally, if a backup was unsuccessful for an unknown reason, employees can contact their local Cintas representative to immediately solve any issues.

Spring International also likes the increased security that the solution brings to its office. By installing and maintaining the system in house, management does not have to worry about a third party having access to its confidential files. Since the initial implementation in its main office, Spring International has been so pleased with Cintas DVX that it plans to expand the solution to additional locations.

“Cintas DVX securely protects our files on a continuous basis to help us eliminate data risk,” concluded Bugen. “Installing the system was so simple, but the peace of mind it provides is invaluable.”