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Document management programs are utilized to increase security of confidential information, improve efficiency, and limit the liability of the organization. Selecting a document management provider can be an overwhelming task with so much criteria to consider.

Burke Institute, a leading provider of research training and education, conducted a survey among random customers of Cintas and other national shredding providers. The interviewed customers had no knowledge that Cintas funded the research. In turn, the researchers had no prior knowledge of which shredding company was used.

The study measured the number of customers that responded with an “A” rating (9 or 10 on a 0-10 agreement scale). An “A” rating indicated that “they [the customer] definitely agree that their service provider does the following.” The study found that Cintas customers felt their document management provider offered better service in 91% of key attributes. Cintas scored significantly higher in three key attributes: Knowledgeable service representatives, problems treated with a sense of urgency and best value to the customer.

When customers were asked about service representatives being knowledgeable, Cintas scored 57 percent better, on average. Cintas customers also feel that their problems are always treated with a sense of urgency. When compared to competitors, Cintas scored 48 percent higher.

As a result of Cintas’ knowledgeable service representatives and responsiveness, Cintas customers believe that they’re getting the best value. Cintas rated 47 percent higher than competitors when customers were asked about value for what they pay.

The benefits of working with a third-party vendor make a compelling case for implementing document management solutions. However, organizations should consider the vendor’s expertise and receptiveness to issues that arise to ensure the cost they spend is equivalent to the service they receive.