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Compliance Training Courses

Cintas Compliance Training offers 100+ ethics and compliance courses to make your training the most Engaging, Effective and Easy experience possible. This library of courses is ever-growing with new courses added each quarter. Plus, all courses are written by attorneys with ethics and compliance backgrounds along with adult-learning experts so you can have the confidence in knowing that you have the precise content desired and the user experience that will produce higher comprehension rates.

Every course has the following elements:

  • Easy to understand language, videos and/or illustrations and narration;
  • Pop quizzes, matching games and other interactivity;
  • “In the news” bulletins, “Did you know” popups, and related regulations and polices
  • A final test in standard multiple choice or in the form of interactive games

Plus, all course content is 100% customizable!

Information Management and Data Security



Discrimination & Harassment


General Business

Workplace Compliance

Employee Safety

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If you’re still unsure what courses you might need, try our Course Advisor Wizard to help you find the compliance courses that fit your needs.

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