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In today’s workplace, it is important that companies have not only an anti-harassment policy in place but also documented proof that employees have been made aware of the policy and the complaint process.

Many organizations opt to provide anti-harassment training and policy certification via online courses. However, companies consisting of large numbers of employees without computer access and/or computer skills need an alternative to online learning. While some of these organizations have tried to disseminate anti-harassment policies and training to their workforce, they are unable to prove if individual employees have received and understood the information. As such, they can find themselves defenseless before a jury or the EEOC.

To address this problem, Cintas Compliance Training, offers anti–harassment policy training and certification for employees with computer access/skills and those without. It’s the same training and content, made available in both online and non-online versions.

The online anti–harassment training option has been developed in collaboration with Proskauer Rose LLP, a leading labor and employment law firm. The non-online option is an easy-to-use, telephone-based anti-harassment policy certification. Employees simply call a toll–free number and follow the IVR (interactive-voice-response) prompts to authenticate themselves. They are then participants in an interactive quiz and anti-harassment policy certification that takes about five minutes. Proof of participation is provided via results tracked online and reported in real-time to your company’s training administrator.

The Cintas Anti–Harassment Policy Certification provides tracked and documented proof that employees received and engaged in training and agreed to abide by your anti-harassment policy. The course educates and quizzes employees on: “What is harassment?”… “If I’m a victim of harassment, what should I do?” … “What will my company do in response to a complaint?” It also provides employees with an option to report an incident of discrimination or harassment. The anti-harassment certification is available in English and Spanish. It can be customized and/or made available in other languages if needed.

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