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Understanding what Business Identity Theft is and the serious problems it can cause are essential to preventing, handling and stopping it. Business Identity Theft encompasses a variety of crimes that involve the fraudulent or unauthorized use of a company’s identity. In one classic example, an individual illegally uses a company’s identity to obtain credit cards or bank credit in order to purchase goods or services for his or her personal use. Discovering and unraveling the thief’s fraudulent actions, repairing damage to the business’ credit and reputation — and at times bearing financial responsibility for unauthorized purchases — can cost the victimized company significant time and money.

In the Cintas 20–minute, online Business Identity Theft course, you will learn how to identify business identity theft, ways to prevent it and its potentially devastating consequences, and steps to take should it occur. Topics covered include:

  • Business Identity Theft — what is it?
  • Risks of Business Identity Theft
  • Conventional Business Identity Theft patterns
  • Real-life cases
  • How to avert Business Identity Theft
  • What to do if you become a victim of Business Identity Theft

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