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Insurance Fraud

More than any other U.S. industry, the insurance industry, including all insurance companies and related service providers, is subject to fraudulent activity. Insurance fraud is both prevalent and costly — the price tag of fraudulent claims an estimated $80-$120 billion annually. Statistics show that if insurance fraudsters joined to form their own company, their combined revenues would place them in the top 20 of the Fortune 500!

Insurers know their best defense against fraudulent activity is in training employees to be alert to not only the classic “red flags” but also to signs of new or unfamiliar types of fraud. As such, employees involved at any stage of claims processing should be trained to deter, detect and defeat fraud. The more employees are aware of fraud and its warning signs, the better.

The Cintas, 30-minute Online Insurance Fraud Training Course details the numerous types of insurance fraud in easy-to-understand terms. Participants learn to recognize the "red flags" of fraudulent activity and the steps to take if they encounter potential fraud. Content includes quizzes, news briefs and real-world insurance-fraud issues that employees should know how to respond to in a way that protects both them and their companies. Topics include:

  • Detecting and responding to fraud — a comprehensive review
  • Clearly defining insurance fraud
  • From the beginning — how to detect “red flags” in the application process
  • Understanding general red flags
  • Understanding personal red flags
  • Understanding red flags in medical claims
  • Best practices and proven “tips”
  • Role of a Special Investigative Unit (SIU)

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