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Interview Questions Considered Questionable

U.S. companies face perhaps no stricter employment regulations than those dealing with interviewing and hiring. The goal of these regulations — based on both state and federal statutes and court rulings — is to prevent employers from discriminating against certain groups of people and from taking actions that impact those groups adversely and unfairly.

Anyone involved in the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process must be acutely aware of the laws that govern the questions they can lawfully ask applicants. Proper training is essential for these individuals to help them avoid asking questions that can lead to legal problems, and to phrase their questions within legal limits to gather the relevant information a company needs.

The Cintas, 30-minute Online Interview Training Course provides details of employment-discrimination law in easy-to-understand terms. Course content includes quizzes, news briefs and a final quiz that highlights real-world interviewing issues that employees should learn to recognize and deal with appropriately. Topics include:

  • Lawful interviewing and hiring — an overview
  • What are the federal anti-discrimination laws?
  • What are state and local anti-discrimination laws?
  • Top recommendations from the EEOC
  • Rules regarding questions about physical attributes
  • Rules regarding personal questions
  • What can you ask about national origin, ethnicity and citizenship?
  • Rules regarding questions about health and disabilities
  • Occupational qualifications — what’s considered bona fide?

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