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In the event a company faces serious incidents including violations of law or policy, accidents, employee complaints, or allegations of misconduct, it is critical the organization is prepared to respond with a prompt and thorough investigation. Companies typically assign someone in management to conduct or assist with the investigation. Management’s proper handling of the investigation can make a huge difference in helping to prevent or lessen the organization’s financial losses, mitigate negative attention and loss of reputation, soothe employee morale, and also alleviate the company facing law enforcement and legal action.

Charged with this important role, it is critical for management to be trained in the fundamentals of effective investigations and prepared to handle the legal and practical situations likely to ensue.

The Cintas, 40-minute Online Conducting Effective Investigations Training Course defines in easy-to-understand terms the basics of planning and conducting internal investigations. It includes quizzes, news clippings and issues supervisors and managers may encounter in the workplace. Topics include:

  • The critical importance of investigations
  • Which situations require an investigation?
  • How to select an investigator
  • How to establish a plan for the investigation
  • How to implement the plan
  • Basics of interview preliminaries
  • Essential steps to prepare for witness interviews
  • How to properly conduct interviews
  • Proven techniques for interviewing
  • How to handle interviews of complainant and accused
  • Recording and filing interview notes
  • Proper handling of the final investigative report
  • What to know about remedial action

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