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Plan. Be prepared. Respond immediately and calmly. These are the best ways an organization can minimize the negative impact a crisis of any kind — environmental accident, workplace violence, natural disaster, hostile intruder, bomb threat, law-enforcement encounter, government investigation, etc. — can have on its people, operations and reputation. Conversely, a show of panic or taking inappropriate actions can make a bad situation worse and cause irreparable damage to the company.

It is incumbent upon organizations to help employees be prepared via crisis training. Thorough training builds employee confidence in the face of difficult situations and ensures everyone is "on the same page" when it comes to crisis-response strategies.

The Cintas, 30-minute Dealing with Difficult Situations Training Course addresses how to respond to a variety of difficult situations. It addresses how to anticipate and respond appropriately to a crisis, what to say (or not say) to third parties if asked about a crisis, how to handle official requests regarding inspections or investigations, and the rights of employees in an encounter with law-enforcement personnel. Topics include:

  • The power of being prepared
  • What to know and do if a natural disaster occurs
  • What to do when faced with terrorism or violence
  • How to handle bomb threats
  • What to do in the event of an environmental accident
  • The proper handling of inspections
  • How to respond to search warrants
  • What are “stops”?
  • How to deal with detentions, arrests and searches
  • What to do when faced with other requests for information
  • An understanding of attorney-client privilege

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