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Online EU Competition Law Training Course

Course Description

What we refer to in the U.S. as antitrust law is called “competition law” in the European Union (EU). Any company conducting commerce in the EU must know and comply with competition law. The fact is, a web of international laws exist that present threatening repercussions for both intentional and inadvertent competition-law violations. Fear of such laws and their enforcement can cause companies to forego trying to be innovative or creative, even when their intentions are entirely legitimate.

Thus, it is essential that organizations doing business in the EU and/or with EU member states educate their staff on the basics of competition law and its enforcement. Training should include basic legal principles, and what problems can occur in the real world in dealings with colleagues, customers, competitors, suppliers and business partners. Employees should be made aware of the importance of compliance with antitrust law, both to your organization's goals and to the free-enterprise system in general, and learn how to avoid violations and civil and criminal penalties. Further, employees should learn how to recognize potential problems and deal with them appropriately, helping to give your organization the confidence to compete freely and legitimately.

The Cintas, one-hour Online EU Competition Law Training Course provides the basic principles of EU competition law in simple terms. It includes quizzes, news briefs and real-world compliance issues that employees should learn to recognize and respond to appropriately. Topics include:

  • A look at the European Union
  • EU institutions — defined
  • How competition law is enforced
  • Perils of non-compliance
  • EU competition law — the big picture
  • Understanding “Article 101 TFEU” — purpose and rationale
  • Definition of an anti-competitive agreement
  • Article 101 — violations and consequences
  • Spotting "red flags"
  • Your relationships with competitors
  • What to know about cartels, price-fixing, and market-sharing
  • Understanding vertical agreements
  • What is the Verticals Block Exemption Regulation?
  • What to know about resale price maintenance, market-partitioning, etc.
  • Your relationships with licensees
  • Understanding “Article 102 TFEU” — abuse of market dominance
  • Investigation and enforcement
  • What are "Dawn raids"?
  • Facts about the Leniency program
  • “Careful communication" — an essential!

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