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Online EU Data Privacy Training Course

Course Description

EU Data Privacy Essentials

Similar to U.S. legislation, the European Union and its Member States have laws that protect the personal data that individuals are required to share for a variety of legitimate purposes — such as when conducting business transactions, managing banking and financial dealings, making travel reservations, buying or selling property, etc.

Under EU law, individuals have the right to expect that the data they provide will not be misused or passed on to entities with which they have do not wish to be involved. Specifically, the EU Data Privacy Directive ("Directive”) and implementing laws of EU Member States provide that those who collect and process personal data must do so under strict conditions and only for legitimate purposes. They must protect the data from misuse and must respect the privacy and other rights of individuals that are guaranteed by EU law. If such laws are violated and personal data is misused anywhere within the EU, the victims have the right to complain and obtain redress. The violators face significant civil and/or criminal legal actions and substantial penalties.

The Cintas, 40-minute Online EU Data Privacy Training Course delivers the critically important principles of EU Data Privacy law and provides guidelines for compliance with the Directive and the applicable national laws of EU Member States. Topics include:

  • Personal data privacy in the EU — an overview
  • Making an organization-wide commitment to data-privacy law compliance
  • Basic principles of EU Data Privacy
  • What is the Directive?
  • Legalities of collection, storage and use of personal data
  • Proper processing personal data
  • Understanding notice requirements
  • What is “access by data subjects”?
  • Proper handling of sensitive data
  • Understanding rights and duties
  • Proper transferring personal data
  • How to handle complaints
  • Essential guidelines to compliance
  • What lies ahead?

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