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Know The FACTA ”Red Flags“ Of Identity Theft

Course Description

Companies that routinely handle business and personal account information are often the targets of business identity thieves. Business identity theft has become such a problem that new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations under the Federal Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) require companies provide an Identity Theft Prevention Course for employees.

The course must include what the FTC calls ”red flag“ training. The goal is for employees to be alert to the ”red flags“ of identity theft. Once aware, they can help prevent it, detect it early should it occur, and lessen the losses it can cause.

To put those losses in perspective, five percent of adults (approximately 10 million) in the U.S. alone are victims of identity theft each year, with total losses of about $50 billion. In addition, U.S. companies spend another $50 billion annually on efforts to prevent identity theft.

The Cintas Online FACTA ”Red Flags“ Training Course requires only 40 minutes. Participants learn to: (1) identify ”red flags“ relevant to their handling of account information, (2) detect ”red flags“ when they occur, (3) respond appropriately to ”red flags“ to prevent and mitigate identity theft, and (4) update ”red flags“ periodically to stay current with changes in the methods of identity theft. Topics covered in the course include:

  • Defining identity theft
  • FACTA’s method for combatting identity theft
  • Learning to detect and identify red flags
  • Consumer reporting agencies — warnings
  • Documents that appear suspicious
  • Personal identity information that appears suspicious
  • Account activity — what’s considered suspicious?
  • Identity theft — notice and alerts to pursue
  • Red flags that are low tech but highly important
  • Red flags — how do you respond?
  • Additional information–security practices
  • Check for discrepancies in addresses
  • Requests for a change of address
  • Staying ahead of identity theft

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