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Finance Essentials for Managers

The day-to-day decision making of managers, whatever their area or department, can impact the financial strength of the organization for whom they work. Therefore, the better an organization’s managers understand the financial aspects of the operation, the better they can contribute to its current and future financial health.

This calls for all managers, not just those in accounting, to have a working knowledge of basic finance and accounting principles. Unfortunately, it is common for an inherent gap to exist between the accounting department and the rest of an organization. Accounting personnel deal with facts, past performance and precise numbers. Others in the company use the numbers that accounting provides to make forecasts and budgets, which tend to be approximate and imprecise. One way to narrow the gap is to ensure that all managers understand the organization’s financials, which in turn can drive more cohesive thinking and aligned decisions.

The Cintas, 30-minute Online Finance Training Course defines the basics of finance in easy-to-understand terms. It includes quizzes, news briefs and real-world finance issues that managers should have knowledge of and be conversant with in their day-to-day work. Topics include:

  • How to read and understand financial information
  • Basics of the balance sheet
  • Basics of the income statement
  • What is the “statement of cash flows”?
  • Know additional sources of financial information
  • Basics of analyzing financial information
  • What is meant by “return on investment”?
  • How to use financial information day-to-day
  • Basics of budgeting
  • What is “managing for profitability”?

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