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Research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federally supported research must be free from bias that could result from financial conflicts of interest (FCOI) of individuals involved in the research. To this end, the federal Financial Conflict of Interest regulation (42 CFR Part 50, Subpart F) was enacted in 1995 to ensure objectivity in NIH funded research via the creation of standards that demand the design, conduct and reporting of such research be bias-free.

In 2011, revisions were made to the FCOI regulation to further cement NIH’s commitment to protecting the public’s trust in federally supported research. Specifically, research institutions and individual researchers must adhere to extensive new rules mandating they conduct their research in accordance with the highest scientific and ethical standards. In addition, all “investigators” — individuals charged with the design, conduct or reporting of research funded or proposed for funding by the NIH — must receive regular an ongoing training regarding FCOI.

The Cintas, 25-minute Online Financial Conflicts of Interest Training Course clearly defines the essential requirements of the FCOI regulation and the critical responsibilities of all investigators to ensure their compliance with disclosure requirements. Topics include:

  • FCOI regulation — a comprehensive review
  • Overview of revisions made in 2011
  • Regulation terminology — defined
  • What are Investigators' responsibilities?
  • FCOI disclosures — guidelines to know and follow
  • Noncompliance penalties and consequences

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