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Whether committed by unscrupulous employees who prey on unsuspecting management and co-workers or devious third parties who penetrate a company’s defenses, corporate fraud creates losses in the billions of dollars each year for U.S. companies. Fraud cost companies an estimated $400 billion in 1996 and $600 billion by 2002. Experts estimate that employee theft alone costs American businesses $60-$120 billion a year.

Fraud can be difficult to detect and, as such, perpetrators can successfully harm organizations with their actions going undetected. As such, employees at every level of an organization should be aware of corporate fraud and learn to recognize the warning signs.

The Cintas, 35-minute Online Fraud Detection and Awareness Training Course covers the most prevalent types of fraud that drain millions of dollars from American business every day. Content is designed to reinforce employees’ responsibility to comply with the law and report misconduct and, also, to make them aware of fraud so that it can be detected and stopped in its earliest stages. Topics include:

  • A comprehensive look at fraud
  • Recognizing billing schemes — spotting the warning signs
  • What is skimming and how does it work?
  • Recognizing check tampering — spotting the warning signs
  • What are the signs of bribery and kickbacks?
  • Common schemes involving expense-reimbursement
  • Recognizing payroll fraud — spotting the warning signs
  • Understanding non-cash misappropriations
  • What is cash larceny?
  • Understanding social engineering tactics
  • How to properly report fraudulent conduct

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