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GLBA for Insurance Companies

Course Description

The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA) is directed toward companies that through the use of modern technology have unprecedented capabilities to collect, analyze and deliver consumer data quickly and inexpensively — yet must protect consumer privacy in the process. The GLBA affects a variety of industries that handle consumer information (banking, insurance, investment, securities, etc.).

Because insurance companies are entrusted with the most sensitive and personal information about their clients — health status, lifestyles and habits, for instance — they face particular challenges and scrutiny in protecting such information. Compliance with regulations and requirements is essential.

The 30–minute, Cintas Online GLBA for Insurance Companies Training Course delivers the GLBA requirements most important to insurance companies and their employees. Content is delivered in easy–to–understand terms. Topics are relevant and include real-world compliance issues that insurance employees should learn to recognize and address appropriately. This course includes:

  • Understanding the GLBA
  • Which kinds of information are considered “protected”?
  • What is “notice of usage”?
  • How do you deliver notice?
  • Rules for protecting personal information
  • The role of social engineering
  • Determining misuse and unauthorized access
  • How to provide notice of an incident
  • Essentials of enforcement

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