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The U.S. healthcare industry faces a serious ailment of its own. It is riddled with fraud and abuse to the tune of more than $100 billion annually — three to 10% of all healthcare costs — according to the Government Accounting Office.

This waste of resources has led to the healthcare industry being forced to adhere to numerous laws regarding fraud: the Stark Law, False Claims Act, the Anti-Kickback Statute, HIPAA and the Prescription Drug Marketing Act. In addition to this robust legislation, government agencies and trade organizations have invoked a long and complex list of guidelines and codes to be followed. Compliance to all of these laws, guidelines and codes presents a huge and stressful challenge to organizations and employees in the healthcare field.

The Cintas, 35-minute online Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Training course covers the basic rules concerning healthcare fraud and abuse and their critical importance. Content is written in easy-to-understand terms. It includes quizzes, news clippings and real-world compliance issues that employees should learn to recognize and deal with appropriately. Topics include:

  • Comprehensive look at fraud and abuse
  • What are the potential penalties?
  • Putting fraud and abuse into context
  • Proper handling of gifts and business courtesies
  • Proper handling of free goods and services
  • Proper handling of discounts and rebates
  • What to know about price reporting
  • Payment of administrative fees to GPOs
  • Rules regarding purchasing from customers
  • What are preceptorships?
  • Role of educational grants
  • How to handle support of scientific research
  • How to handle sponsorship of charitable events/activities

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