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Information Security

Course Description

How do you protect proprietary and confidential information in today’s largely digital era, where data is so easy to access, copy, transmit, use and misuse? How do you deal with everything from hackers in faraway lands, to disgruntled employees stealing data, to information thieves from the outside, to a neglected or stolen smartphone or laptop? Sometimes all it takes is an un-shredded memo in a trash can, a password scribbled on a scrap of paper, or a file lying open on a desk to stir a security breach that results in serious damage to an organization’s reputation, financial stability and future.

Companies across industries and around the world are looking for ways to protect confidential information and to stay current with the strict and ever-increasing laws that protect consumer and employee privacy. These laws include HIPAA and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act that demand employees take specific precautions with certain kinds of information they handle. Even companies not legally bound to such laws should still ensure their staff follows internal policies regarding the protection of proprietary and/or confidential information, be it that of the company or their customers.

The Cintas, 30-minute online Information Security Training Course Summary provides the basic principles of information security that employees need to know. Content is delivered in simple, understandable terms. It includes real-world compliance issues that employees must learn to recognize and respond to appropriately. Topics covered in the course include:

  • An overview of information security
  • What you need to know about electronic IDs and passwords
  • How to prevent identity theft
  • Understanding information classification
  • A look at computer viruses and hoaxes
  • Security when it comes to e-mail and Internet use
  • Added precautions concerning e-mail
  • How to maintain security in your workspace
  • Role of social engineering
  • A look ahead to business continuity plans

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