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Managing Workplace Stress Training Course

Course Description

It comes as no secret that workplace stress is real and, in fact, considered the greatest cause of stress among adults in the U.S. According to data from recent surveys…

  • 36% of respondents said they experience work stress on a regular basis
  • Employees note a number of non-monetary stressors, including: lack of opportunities for growth and advancement (43%), heavy workload (43%), unrealistic job expectations (40%) and long hours (39%)
  • Just 52% of respondents said they feel valued on the job
  • 57% of respondents feel the non-monetary rewards and recognition they receive for their contributions at work to be inadequate

The Cintas Online Managing Workplace Stress Training Course is designed to help employees understand and watch out for both outer and inner sources of job stress. Course content shares strategies that employees can put to use immediately to help prevent stress overload and job burnout. Topics include:

  • Identifying the classic sources of workplace stress
  • Stress defined — what is it really?
  • How to handle feeling “burned out”
  • How to handle unavoidable stress
  • How to steer clear of avoidable stress
  • Building and nurturing a healthier, less stressful workspace
  • Ways to balance life at home and at work

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