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Fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicare system play a significant role in healthcare fraud being called the second largest white-collar crime in America. Experts estimate that approximately $67 billion to $230 billion — three to 10% of all healthcare-related spending — is lost each year.

In response, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires organizations that provide healthcare or administrative services for Medicare-eligible individuals under a Medicare Advantage (Part C) or prescription-drug plan (Part D) to train all employees annually on compliance awareness, conflicts of interest, and the prevention of fraud, waste and abuse.

The Cintas, one-hour Medicare Compliance Training Course is the proven and comprehensive course for employees at all levels. It provides an overview of the Medicare system and outlines the Compliance Plan required by CMS. It includes the rules on conflicts of interest and business gifts, and explains how employees can help detect, correct and prevent fraud, waste and abuse. Topics include:

  • Medicare defined
  • Essentials of CMS compliance
  • The Compliance Plan — an overview
  • Responsibilities of employees
  • What are the penalties for noncompliance?
  • What constitutes conflicts of interest?
  • Proper handling of gifts and business courtesies
  • The big picture of Medicare fraud, waste and abuse
  • Understanding the different types of fraud
  • Know the anti-fraud laws
  • What are the penalties for fraud?
  • Proper and accurate reporting of violations

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