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While most people believe that an active-shooting incident would never happen at their workplace, school or other location, the possibility exists and is nothing to dismiss. The fact is, in 2012 alone, mass shootings occurred in the U.S. in a movie theater, a temple, and an elementary school, each time taking the victims off guard. With this being the reality, it is incumbent upon organizations to prepare their employees, managers and other staff for a worse case scenario.

Planning can help reduce the potential for an active-shooter incident, prepare staff members to protect themselves and others, and in addition lessen the short- and long-term negative impact on your organization should an incident actually occur.

The Cintas, 30-minute Online Active-Shooter Preparedness Training Course educates employees on how to anticipate and respond to an active-shooter situation, including what to do when law enforcement arrives, and how best to manage the consequences following such an incident. The course also covers how to recognize possible workplace-violence indicators so that shooting incidents can be prevented altogether. Topics include:

  • An overall look at active-shooter incidents
  • Trying to comprehend what prompts active-shooter incidents
  • How to react — option #1: Leave the scene
  • How to react — option #2: Hide
  • How to react — option #3: Take action
  • What to do and how to respond when law enforcement arrives
  • Analyzing what happened
  • The story on workplace violence today

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