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Business today faces an ever more complex litany of federal, state and international regulations regarding antitrust regulations. These rules come as a result of the complicated, global business world in which we live, where antitrust problems increasingly pose a threat across an entire organization. Whether intentional or inadvertent, antitrust violations can lead to fines, hefty legal costs, mergers and acquisitions being halted, and jail time for offenders. Further, the fear of antitrust violations can cause companies and their employees to become hesitant and unwilling to be innovative or aggressive, even when operating in an entirely legal manner.

To ensure antitrust laws do not cripple business, it’s important that employees learn the “what”, “why” and “how” of antitrust laws and their enforcement. This includes: (1) what real-world problems are most likely to occur in dealings with customers, competitors, suppliers, co-workers and business partners; (2) why antitrust law compliance is critical to individual businesses and to the free market; (3) the impact of violations, civil and criminal penalties and why organizations must try to avoid them; and (4) how to recognize potential problems, handle them appropriately, and maintain the confidence to compete enthusiastically and legitimately.

The Cintas, 45-minute Online Antitrust Training Course provides the key principles of U.S. antitrust law in easy-to-understand terms. Included are quizzes, news briefs and real-world compliance issues that employees should learn to recognize and respond to appropriately. Topics include:

  • A comprehensive look at U.S. antitrust law
  • Identifying "red flags"
  • Dealing with competitors
    • – Understanding price-fixing
    • – The allocation of markets or customers
    • – All about boycotts
    • – What competitor contacts are improper?
    • – Understanding price-related restrictions
    • – Identifying geographic or customer restrictions
  • Dealing with customers
    • – Exclusive dealing
    • – What is “tying”?
    • – Reciprocal dealing
    • – Dual distribution
  • What to know about mergers and acquisitions
    • – Reporting prior to a merger
    • – Information to share prior to a closing
  • What to know about monopolistic behavior
    • – What is predatory pricing?
    • – Refusing to deal
  • An understanding of price discrimination
    • – Meeting competition
    • – Promotional services
  • Is anything exempt from antitrust laws?
    • – Lobbying
    • – Labor-related activities
    • – State action
    • – Regulated industries
  • Antitrust in specific industries
    • – Insurance
    • – Healthcare
  • Other aspects of antitrust
    • – Government contracts
    • – Foreign trade

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