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Good intentions aside, in the modern workplace almost everything an employee says or does on behalf of his or her company can be used as evidence against the individual and/or the organization at a later date. This has always been the case to a certain degree, but in today’s high tech world where communication is faster and easier but not necessarily better or wiser, employees and companies are at greater risk.

The fact is, communications and documents whether paper or electronic create a paper trail that attorneys can use to paint a picture that may have a highly negative impact on individuals and their employer. To eliminate or reduce the incidence and severity of such problems, employees need only follow a few simple guidelines.

The Cintas, 30-minute Online Careful Communication Training Course delivers eight guidelines for avoiding or at least minimizing the most damaging of business communication flaws. Topics include:

  • You may think you know your audience but you don’t
  • Which laws apply to your business?
  • Realizing your knowledge is limited
  • Why you must mean what you say and say what you mean
  • Importance of the closure process
  • The critical role of consistent recordkeeping
  • All about the attorney-client privilege
  • The value in learning to improve your writing

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