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When hired by a company, new employees are typically given a copy of the employee manual including the company’s Code of Conduct. In most cases, employees sign the acknowledgement page and tuck the guidelines in a drawer, never to be viewed again.

Such cavalier treatment of the Code of Conduct can be problematic for the company, particularly in the event of employee or corporate misconduct down the road. The Organizational Sentencing Guidelines require a company to "have taken steps to communicate effectively its standards and procedures to all employees and other agents, e.g., by requiring participation in Code of Conduct training courses or by disseminating publications that explain in a practical manner what is required." If legal or ethical issues should arise and the company hopes to qualify for more lenient treatment under the Guidelines, having, disseminating and enforcing a Code of Conduct is essential. Companies without a formal Code of Conduct training policy put themselves at risk for the standard of conduct to which they will be held.

The Cintas, 40-minute Online Code of Conduct Training Course helps your company avoid such problems. The content covers the most important topics found in almost every company's Code of Conduct. It includes quizzes, news briefs and real-world Code of Conduct compliance issues that employees should learn to recognize and deal with appropriately. Among the topics are:

  • Fairness and honesty
  • Respect for diversity
  • Resolving conflicts of interest
  • Securing information
  • How to handle business records
  • What to know about e-communications
  • A look at healthy, safety and the environment
  • What to know about alcohol and drug abuse
  • Critical understanding of workplace violence
  • Role of political activity
  • Understanding insider trading and its impact
  • What is “fair disclosure”?
  • What constitutes “anti-competitive conduct”?
  • Understanding and avoiding bribery and kickbacks
  • A look at sanctions and trade embargoes
  • Behaving with integrity in the workplace
  • Proper reporting of violations
  • The responsibility that comes with acknowledgment
  • An overview of Code of Conduct policy
  • Role of ethics and Code of Conduct

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