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In a growing number of companies, management is being required to do more than simply acknowledge they have read company policies. Corporate governance policy is now requiring that managers also attain annual compliance certification. This can be a huge undertaking, especially for global companies faced with disseminating certification in numerous languages, obtaining 100% completion in a timely manner, filing results, and identifying and handling exceptions.

To make certification easier, Cintas offers an electronic Compliance Certification module with questions and policy links customized to your organization, as well as e-mail "reminders," and real-time monitoring and reporting of responses — in any language.

Our Certification module allows you to ask as many multiple-choice questions and/or request as many free-form text responses as you desire. Questions can be designed to gain employee input regarding conflicts of interest, gather feedback about compliance training they’ve received, request their input for improvement, and more. Our Compliance Certification module also enables you to include "trigger questions" that allow managers to complete the Certification in just seconds if they have no exceptions to report. You can roll out the module by itself, or make it part of your annual Code of Conduct training.

The Cintas, two-minute Online Compliance Policy Certification covers the following topics. Where employee responses indicate an exception, employees are asked to provide details.

  • Whether the employee conducted his/her business practices in accordance with the Code of Conduct;
  • Whether the employee is aware of any business-practice issue that has not been addressed or properly resolved;
  • Whether the employee feels he/she can openly discuss business-practice concerns without fear of retaliation; and
  • Code of Conduct acknowledgment.

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