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Conflicts of interest at the hands of a corporate employee or a public official are increasingly common. This is due in part to the rapid rise in private-sector mergers, conglomerates and joint ventures and, also, to the fact that people are human and can engage in activities without even understanding their actions create a conflict of interest. Whether intentional or not, conflicts of interest can cause negative publicity, affect performance, hurt business, and damage an organization’s reputation.

As such, it’s paramount that corporate employees, government officials and anyone who performs work for an organization learn to recognize and avoid conflicts of interest, especially in regard to dealing with customers and suppliers, handling offers of gifts and entertainment, and managing issues of personal, financial and family interests.

The Cintas, 30-minute Online Conflicts of Interest Training Course defines in simple terms what conflicts of interest are and how to avoid them. Content consists of interactive quizzes, news clippings and issues employees may encounter. Topics include:

  • Defining a conflict of interest
  • Business relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Gifts and entertainment — what can you accept?
  • What is meant by “duty of loyalty”?
  • Role of outside activities
  • A look at financial interests
  • Role of family and personal relationships
  • How to properly deal with government employees
  • Proper reporting of conflict-of-interest violations

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