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Contracts are the primary means by which business is conducted. A contract — whether regarding a purchase, employment, sales, marketing, distribution or other situation — serves as the "private law", if you will, between or among parties involved. The law looks at contracts as an important tool in that it gives parties the opportunity to define their own contractual relationships. Whatever parties agree to (within broad legal limits) defines respective rights and obligations for the length of the contract.

Responsible for abiding by the terms of a contract, management and employees must understand how contracts are properly created and legally enforced. Failure to form a valid contract or binding themselves or their organization to a contract inadvertently can lead to critical consequences.

The Cintas, 35-minute Online Contract Law Training Course delivers the essentials of contract law. Participants learn what makes a contract valid and enforceable, what remedies are available in the event of a breach, and what employees should look for in their real-world dealings with contracts. Topics include:

  • Definition of a contract
  • Creating the offer in a contract
  • Proper response to the offer
  • What is meant by “consideration”?
  • What are typical defenses to enforcement?
  • Understanding breach of contract
  • Understanding available remedies
  • Contract terms — what’s important?
  • What to know and look for in real-world business

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