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The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) oversees a set of regulations to which contractors and subcontractors who do business with the federal government must abide. Among the regulations are rulings that address the issue of affirmative action. Specifically, contractors are required to take affirmative action to employ and advance women, minorities, veterans and people with disabilities. Every contractor must create a written affirmative action program (AAP).

Further, "equal opportunity" clauses in federal contracts impose specific compliance requirements on contractors. The OFCCP ensures that requirements are met via its compliance-evaluation program. Material violations of OFCCP regulations can lead to substantial sanctions against contractors. As such, it is essential that contractors and their HR staff understand, implement and properly oversee OFCCP regulations regarding AAPs, maintenance of employee facilities, employee notification, recordkeeping issues, to name a few.

The Cintas, 30-minute Online OFCCP Essentials Training Course provides the essentials of OFCCP rules for contractors and subcontractors in easy-to-understand terms. Content includes quizzes, news stories, and real-world issues that employees should learn to handle to protect both them and their organizations. Topics include:

  • Overview — OFCCP laws
  • What constitutes “protected classes”?
  • Discussion — equal opportunity clauses
  • An understanding of affirmative action programs
  • Role of statistical analysis
  • What to know about selection procedures
  • Essentials of recordkeeping obligations
  • Proper notification of employee rights
  • Proper handling of compliance evaluations
  • How to deal with enforcement and sanctions

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