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When insurance companies receive complaints — whether from a customer, attorney, regulator or other individual — the employees who are on the receiving end need to be able to distinguish quickly and accurately among the various expressions of dissatisfaction. They must discern which are regulatory or non-regulatory complaints, and which are simple inquiries or requests for service. After making this judgment, they must know next steps and proper procedures for handling each type of communication. This is the case whether the complaints come by telephone, regular mail or email.

The Cintas, 20-minute Online Handling Insurance Complaints Training Course defines regulatory complaints, non-regulatory complaints and other forms of customer dissatisfaction in easy-to-understand terms. Employees learn how to respond to such communications in a manner that protects both them and their company. Course content includes quizzes, news stories and real-world issues that employees may face in the workplace. Topics include:

  • Insurance complaints — the big picture
  • How to handle regulatory complaints
  • A look at non-regulatory matters
  • How to identify valid complaints
  • Understanding claims of agent misconduct
  • How to handle non-regulatory complaints

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