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In our modern and diverse workplace, it is paramount that employers have a strong understanding of immigration law, including employment verification, discrimination, document fraud, and the steps to sponsoring an employee for a visa.

Because U.S. immigration law requires companies to thoroughly verify that all of their employees are legally authorized to work in the U.S., employers must have a working knowledge of documents that prove work authorization as well as documents that are fraudulent, for both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals. Employers must also understand what constitutes unlawful employment discrimination against foreign nationals, including boundaries of compliance, which are not always clear.

In addition, because companies may seek foreign labor for a particular job, employers should understand how to sponsor a foreign national for a nonimmigrant or immigrant visa (aka a "green card") or sponsor a foreign-national employee for a change of visas. This process can include dealing with labor certification and a multitude of visas with varying requirements, as well as interacting with a litany of government agencies across four separate departments: State, Homeland Security, Labor and Justice.

Failure to comply with basic immigration law can result in penalties for companies and also cause them to lose valuable employees to competitors who are more adept at employing foreign workers. Anyone in a hiring role should learn not only the basics of immigration law, but also when it’s justified to invest their company’s time, effort and legal costs to sponsor a foreign national for a visa or change of visas.

The Cintas, 30-minute Online Immigration Law Training Course teaches participants to recognize and respond to a variety of immigration issues they may face in the U.S. workplace. Topics include:

  • Immigration law — a comprehensive look
  • What are visa requirements?
  • Understanding nonimmigrant and immigrant visas
  • Must-knows about immigrant visas and labor certification
  • Proper handling of employment verification
  • Discussion — unlawful discrimination
  • Violations and penalties

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