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Course Description

The California Occupational Safety and Health Act (Cal-OSHA) regulations require every California employer to have an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). The IIPP is a written plan intended to reduce the risks of workplace injuries and illnesses. It must include safety and health training and instruction among other criteria. And, all managers and employees, regardless of their job, role or responsibility, must receive this training.

With or without regulations, it is in every organization’s best interest to provide a safe working environment for employees. The loss of productivity, the time and cost to hire and/or train replacements for ill or injured workers, and the deluge of paperwork resulting from workplace illnesses and injuries can be so disruptive and expensive as to be crippling to businesses.

The Cintas, 30-minute Online Injury and Illness Prevention Training Course delivers the essential information and training on workplace injury and illness prevention required by Cal-OSHA regulations. Topics include:

  • Workplace injury and illness overview
  • How to prepare for emergencies
  • General safety precautions
  • What to know about fires
  • Medical services and first aid
  • Basics of ergonomics
  • Preventing and handling slips, trips and falls
  • How to handle horseplay and scuffling
  • Ensuring the proper storage of goods
  • Role of hazard communication
  • Proper handling and storage of hazardous substances
  • Proper reporting of hazards and accidents

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