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Achieving a management position at a company is a valued goal. But, a management title doesn’t necessarily mean the person has adequate management training, if any at all. This can pose problems especially in today’s more complex workplace where the need for managers to understand the legal ramifications of their decisions has increased significantly. Companies put themselves at risk when they allow managers to learn proper management skills through trial and error.

Managers should have thorough training to prepare them for the challenges of today’s workplace, including interpersonal skills, sensitivity, an awareness of legal issues, and the professionalism required for effective management. A lack of management training can cause companies to experience personnel conflicts, low morale and productivity, high and costly turnover, and lawsuits due to privacy violations, harassment, wrongful termination, and other issues.

The Cintas, 35-minute Online Managing within the Law Basics Training Course covers the fundamental legal topics and issues that managers are most likely to encounter. The 40-minute Advanced Training Course builds on the Basics course to discuss topics slightly more complex.

Topics in the Basics course include:

  • The big picture
  • Discussion — employees vs. independent contractors
  • What to know about wage-and-hour issues
  • What to know about employee leave
  • An understanding of workplace discrimination
  • Proper interviewing techniques
  • Essentials of workplace harassment
  • Fundamentals of workplace safety
  • The issue of retaliation

Topics in the Advanced course include:

  • The big picture
  • What constitutes employee privacy?
  • How to handle personal matters
  • Accommodating disabilities
  • What to know about workplace bullying
  • Fundamentals of unionization
  • How to build and foster a supportive work environment
  • Essentials of conflict management
  • How to respond to complaints
  • Proper investigation of complaints
  • What goes into performance reviews?
  • How to address and handle performance issues
  • How to terminate an employee

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