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In an effort to protect consumers and companies from being the victims of unfair or deceptive marketing practices, there exists a robust list of laws and regulations regarding how organizations are permitted to market their products and services. The list covers most every aspect of marketing, including the claims an organization may make about its products, services and competitors, and whether and how often they may market to consumers by telephone, e-mail and the Internet, to name a few.

Compliance with marketing laws is mandatory. Failure to comply can be costly to both organizations and individual employees in terms of penalties, reputation and business. As such, anyone employed in marketing should have a basic understanding of marketing laws and regulations and how they impact their day-to-day role and responsibilities.

The Cintas, 40-minute Online Marketing Compliance Training Course covers the fundamental laws and regulations governing common marketing practices and provides guidelines for employees involved in marketing-related tasks. Featured in the content are quizzes, news briefs and real-world issues that employees should learn to recognize and respond to appropriately. Topics include:

  • A macro look at marketing compliance
  • Essentials of truthful representation
  • What to know about deceptive or unfair claims
  • Basics of comparative claims
  • How to market “special offers
  • What is meant by substantiation?
  • Proper marketing and handling of sweepstakes and contests
  • What constitutes “negative-option” marketing?
  • Overview of digital marketing
  • Basics of telemarketing
  • Responsible marketing to children
  • Gathering and applying marketing data
  • Understanding the risks of noncompliance

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