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In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, the importance and value of intellectual property to organizations continues to grow. Employees in research, product development, marketing, sales and other areas must understand a company’s intellectual property is clearly one of its greatest assets, and learn to recognize and properly handle issues that affect corporate intellectual-property rights.

For example, companies have the legal right — via patents, trademarks and copyrights — to exclude others from using their intellectual property, or to use it only in accordance with licensing fees and restrictions. However, companies failing to secure patent, trademark or copyright protection, or to handle their intellectual property in a protectable manner, risk forsaking these legal rights.

The Cintas, 45-minute Online Protecting Intellectual Property Course features the basic principles of patents, trademarks and copyrights in easy-to-understand terminology. The content includes quizzes, news briefs and real-world issues regarding intellectual property that employees should learn to identify and handle wisely. Topics include:

  • Intellectual-property law — the big picture
  • Understanding patent ownership
  • Understanding patent requirements
  • Review of the various kinds of patents
  • How to apply for a patent
  • What to know about patent infringement and remedies
  • Basics of trademark ownership
  • Basics of trademark requirements
  • How to safeguard trademarks
  • What to know about trademark infringement and remedies
  • Understanding copyright ownership
  • Overview of copyright requirements
  • Using copyrighted materials — what is permissible?
  • Using copyrighted materials under license — what is permissible?
  • What to know about copyright infringement and penalties

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