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Mindful that in the age of smartphones, LinkedIn and cloud computing, private information can become public and even go viral in an instant, companies are putting added emphasis on protecting their confidential business information as trade secrets. They are also guarding against misuse of others’ trade secrets.

In just seconds, a carelessly sent e-mail or irresponsible posting on a social network can expose proprietary and confidential information which, in turn, can lead to irreversible losses whether concerning finances, competitive advantage or reputation. It is essential that companies across all industries educate their employees on how to handle trade secrets and other confidential information in order to protect against such loss.

The Cintas, 30-minute Online Protecting Trade Secrets Training Course summarizes the fundamental federal and state laws governing trade secrets and provides guidelines for how to protect trade secrets and other confidential information when dealing with business associates, co-workers and computer technology. Course content features quizzes, news briefs and real-world issues that employees should learn to recognize and respond to professionally. Topics include:

  • “Trade secrets” defined
  • A macro look at trade-secret law
  • Proven steps to protect trade secrets
  • Trade Secrets — new hires
  • Trade Secrets — consultants and temporary workers
  • Trade Secrets — departing employees
  • Trade Secrets — customers and suppliers
  • How to handle joint ventures and acquisitions
  • Proper handling of unsolicited ideas
  • Role and impact of social networks and cloud computing

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