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While social media is heralded for allowing vast new communication opportunities for both business and personal reasons, it is also criticized for its inappropriate use. With the ability to network globally, promote products and services, broadcast opinions, and share photos and videos instantly through a multitude of social media sites, blogs, YouTube, etc., the world has become everyone’s audience. As such, the thoughtless or inappropriate use of social media can lead to problems of defamation of character, antitrust violations, reputation loss, harassment, insider trading, and more. At the same time, businesses seek ways to use social media effectively to remain competitive.

Despite the risks of employees using social media inappropriately, businesses are often hesitant to take a proactive approach to managing employees’ social-media use. A survey conducted by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics notes that while employers increasingly discipline employees for inappropriate social-media use, most employers monitor employees' social media use passively — i.e., only when notified of a potential issue. Some 66% of employers surveyed did not have a social media use-specific policy. However, with social-media use continuing to grow, it is essential that employees have training in the proper use and unacceptable misuse of social media.

The Cintas, 25-minute Online Social Media Training Course delivers common-sense guidelines for the responsible use of social media — both in the workplace and personally — that could impact employers. Course content consists of quizzes, news clippings and real-world issues that employees should learn to recognize and respond to professionally. Topics include:

  • Overview of social media at work and home
  • Impact and dangers of misuse
  • How do the courts look at social media?
  • How to use social media effectively in business
  • Social Media — specific guidelines for business use
  • Social Media — specific guidelines for personal use
  • How to handle common problems caused by social-media use

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