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In recent years, the number of auto accidents related to driver distraction has grown sharply, due in large part to drivers’ texting, typing, talking on smartphones or using other mobile devices. All too frequently, these accidents involve employees on work-related business or driving company vehicles.

Organizations can help lessen auto accidents and protect both their staff and vehicles by training employees on safe-driving techniques. Whether your company maintains a fleet of vehicles, has a mobile sales force or employs mostly commuters, safe-driver training can help your staff avoid being among the auto accidents that occur at the rate of one every five seconds in the U.S. Helping your staff stay safe on the road will also help your bottom line.

The Cintas, 25-minute Online Safe-Driving Training Course presents the all-important, basic principles of safe driving in easy-to-understand terms. Content includes quizzes, news briefs and real-world issues that employees should learn to respond to in a manner that will protect them and their organizations. Topics include:

  • What makes a “safe driver”?
  • Fundamental guidelines for safe driving
  • Of critical importance — stay alert
  • Of critical importance — avoid distractions
  • Of critical importance — adopt a safe-driver attitude
  • How to follow at a safe distance
  • How to safely handle intersections
  • Proper way to report incidents and handle tickets

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