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Online Unfair Competition Laws Training Course

Course Description

Laws of unfair competition are the result of many years of state and federal court decisions and, more recently, a number of state and federal statutes. Violations of these laws can be extremely damaging to a company and even to individual employees.

Because the laws of unfair competition affect most every aspect of a business — HR, sales, advertising, marketing, R&D, customer relations and support — it is essential that employees have a thorough understanding of what is fair and unfair competition.

The Cintas, Online Unfair Competition Laws Training Course defines the law of unfair competition to educate employees across businesses and industries. Topics include:

  • Understanding of antitrust violations
  • What constitutes interference with business relationships?
  • What constitutes misappropriation of trade secrets?
  • Discussion — infringing on copyrights, trademarks or patents
  • How to handle breaches of covenants not to compete
  • How to avoid false advertising
  • Overview of trade libel

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