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Course Description

The health and safety of workers across the U.S. is strictly governed in today’s workplace, via numerous occupational safety and health regulations at both the federal and state level. Employers in most industries are required to keep their workplaces safe and free of recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious harm to employees.

Today’s highly regulated environment comes in response to a time not all that long ago when workers faced a significant number of safety and health risks in the workplace. Since then, notable progress has been made in improving work conditions, due in large part to the efforts of workers, employers, unions, government agencies and others.

It has become common practice for organizations to implement and oversee strict safety and health policies, and demand that employees at every level do their part to optimize workplace safety and health. Ensuring all employees understand their role requires they know and follow a few simple guidelines, such as those outlined in this course. With proper employee training, risks of injury or illness can be reduced or eliminated.

The Cintas, 30-minute Online Workplace Safety and Health Training Course shares the fundamental guidelines, policies and procedures for protecting the safety and health of all employees. Content includes quizzes, news stories, and real-world safety-and-health compliance issues employees should learn to recognize and handle appropriately. Topics include:

  • Hazardous substances — their safe care and handling
  • Understanding Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Importance of reading labels and tags
  • Importance of personal protective equipment
  • Safety basics — industrial machinery
  • Safety basics — forklifts and trucks
  • What to know about certain disorders and diseases
  • Acknowledging that accidents will happen
  • Proper handling of compliance audits

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