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Contrary to what some may think following proper business etiquette is not “old school”. It’s as important today as ever before and perhaps even more so considering that in today’s global workplace, employees are more likely to interact with people from different countries, regions and cultures. Respecting and practicing a shared level of etiquette protocol in the workplace — the unwritten principles, if you will, of business etiquette — can build and nurture relationships, reduce stressful situations, and enhance interaction.

Employees who have been trained in proper business etiquette can make the difference between a comfortable and productive work environment versus an awkward setting, or a successful deal versus no deal at all.

The Cintas Online Business Etiquette Training Course shares the basic principles of business etiquette that can benefit every employee. The content is delivered in easy-to-understand terms. It includes quizzes, news clippings and real-world issues that employees should learn to handle properly and effectively. Topics include:

  • A comprehensive look at business etiquette principles
  • What constitutes considerate workplace behavior?
  • How to deal with diversity
  • Proper respect for people with disabilities
  • Proper conduct regarding phones and conferencing
  • Proper conduct regarding e-mail, texting and instant messaging
  • Role of online networking
  • Basics of professional appearance
  • Basics of business attire
  • What to know about business socializing and dining
  • International business — specific considerations

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