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A nationwide effort to maintain a proper and respectful athletic environment at every level of sports and every age of athlete, particularly minors, has led to strict guidelines for preventing sexual harassment and other misconduct in athletics. Understanding what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate conduct — both on and off the athletic field or court — and the subsequent rules of adherence have become mandatory training for coaches, officials, athletic trainers, sports psychologists, and other sports-related professionals.

In addition to not engaging personally in inappropriate conduct with minors (or conduct that has the appearance thereof), these individuals must also know their legal obligations and what steps to take if they observe or learn of such misconduct by others, even if relationships are deemed consensual.

The Cintas, 20-minute Online Preventing Sexual Harassment in Athletics Training Course offers quizzes, news briefs and a final quiz featuring real-world compliance issues that coaches and other sports-related professionals should learn to recognize and respond to appropriately. Topics include:

  • How to define sexual harassment
  • What to consider as reasons for concern
  • Establishing strict guidelines for proper conduct
  • What conduct must be avoided?
  • Proper response to complaints
  • What are your specific responsibilities?

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