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Preventing Workplace Violence Training Course

Course Description

The Centers for Disease Control has called workplace violence “epidemic.” This is no surprise considering that workplace violence is the number two leading cause of job-related deaths for all workers (second only to motor-vehicle deaths) and the leading cause for women.

The fact is, every workday 16,400 violent threats are made, and 723 workers are attacked. One of four full-time workers has been harassed, threatened or attacked on the job. Besides the danger to individuals, workplace violence costs American businesses an estimated $36 billion annually.

Experts agree that there are often signs of potential violence, and that if employees were trained to look for such signs, many acts of violence could be avoided.

The Cintas, 35-minute Preventing Workplace Violence Online Training Course provides the training employees need to help spot clues of pending violence and, thus, help prevent it. Content is designed for employees of both private and public organizations. It can be customized to fulfill the violence-prevention training requirements of state laws such as New York's Public Employee Safety and Health (PESH) Act. Topics include:

  • Workplace violence — defined
  • What are the various types of violence?
  • A look at risk factors
  • Methods for preventing violence
  • Proven security measures
  • Facilitating “zero tolerance”
  • Spotting “red flags”
  • How to handle volatile situations
  • What to know and do about weapons
  • What are proper reporting procedures?
  • Critical role of a response plan
  • Additional issues and concerns

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