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Reporting Child Abuse in Schools Training Course

Course Description

Laws regarding suspected child abuse on college and university campuses have recently been strengthened. The changes come as a result of the child molestation scandal at Penn State University that was revealed to the public in 2011. That case spurred lawmakers to put policies and laws in place that would protect children from abuse on campus and help prevent such incidents altogether in the future.

A key change made by several states to their existing laws is the mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse. According to the strengthened laws, specific individuals, known as "mandatory reporters," are now required to file reports if for any reason they suspect any type of child abuse. In some states, specific employees of colleges and universities have been designated as mandatory reporters. Also, numerous colleges and universities have changed their campus policies and procedures to make it mandatory that any employee report suspected child abuse to the proper authorities.

The Cintas, 20-minute online course describes the legal and ethical obligations of campus employees regarding suspected child abuse on campus. It also teaches employees how to recognize child abuse and the appropriate response and actions should they suspect that child abuse has actually taken place. Topics include:

  • A comprehensive look at the issue
  • Child abuse — defined
  • Child abuse — typical signs
  • What to do if child abuse is suspected
  • What to do if a child admits being abused
  • Other issues and concerns
  • Summary

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