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Course Description

The funding of nonprofit organizations, their initiatives and employee compensation comes from outside resources, including foundations, corporations, individuals and government agencies. As such, nonprofits are subject to a number of laws, regulations and guidelines regarding how funds may be spent. Furthermore, nonprofits must provide comprehensive reporting of all expenditures, especially charges for employees’ time spent on specific projects.

The Cintas Online Time Reporting Training Course clearly defines current regulations and guidelines regarding time-reporting procedures, as well as proper allocation of employee time when working on multiple projects, projects funded by external funders, and different types of projects such as proposals, R&D, and internal meetings. Topics include:

  • Time-reporting requirements — a comprehensive review
  • Proper handling of timesheets
  • Importance of reporting actual hours worked
  • Importance of supervisor review and approval
  • Which projects are considered restricted?
  • How to correct timesheet errors
  • Additional resources for use and reference

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