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Timekeeping Training Course

Course Description

In most any workplace, proper timekeeping practices are essential to ensuring that employees are compensated appropriately, and to the organization having thorough and accurate timekeeping records.

Proper timekeeping is also a matter of law for organizations that employ non-exempt (hourly) employees. Federal laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and state laws require employers to maintain and retain detailed time and compensation records for all non-exempt employees. To this end, non-exempt employees must keep track of actual time worked, and managers/supervisors of these employees must review and audit the time records of their direct reports.

The Cintas, 10-minute Online Timekeeping Training Course describes and explains policies and procedures regarding the various aspects of proper timekeeping. Topics in this refresher course include:

  • Timekeeping policies — basic elements
  • What to know: mandatory meal periods
  • What to know: rest periods
  • What to know: waiving meal periods
  • What to know: working through lunch
  • Unauthorized overtime — what’s prohibited?
  • Additional concerns and reminders

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