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Online U.S. Export Controls Training Course (ITAR)

Course Description

The U.S. has strict laws governing the export of commodities (goods and materials), technology (technical data and know-how), and software from the U.S. to any foreign nation. Called “export controls”, these federal laws and regulations affect not only the transmission of items outside of the U.S., but also the re-export of any U.S. items from one foreign nation to another. Export controls also affect products made outside the U.S. by or for a U.S. company.

Adherence to export controls is mandatory and increasingly regulated. Government enforcement of export controls and ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliance grew by 50% in 2007 alone. Penalties for non-compliance also rose dramatically. Fines for intentional violations soared from $50,000 to $1 million per violation, while fines for other violations increased from $11,000 to the greater of $250,000 per violation or twice the value of the improper export transaction. To reduce risk of such penalties and fines, all employees dealing with exports should be educated on export controls.

The Cintas, 35-minute Online U.S. Export Controls Training Course delivers a comprehensive overview of U.S. export controls and the most common "red flags" — situations presenting a risk of export-control violations. This course features quizzes, news briefs and real-world compliance issues that employees should learn to recognize and handle appropriately. Topics include:

  • Export controls — an overview
  • Information about export control agencies
  • Definition of an “export”
  • Understanding defense exports — under the ITAR
  • Understanding commercial exports — under the EAR
  • Essential to know — anti-boycott and embargo rules
  • Proper recordkeeping and reporting
  • Identifying “red-flag” issues
  • Awareness and avoidance of penalties

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