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Whistleblowing (DRA Compliance)

Congress faces an ongoing battle to reduce false claims under such programs as Medicaid. Of the half-trillion dollars the federal government will spend on medical care this year, fraudulent claims will cost taxpayers about $50 billion. To lessen Medicaid fraud, Congress included in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA) a provision that requires organizations receiving $5 million or more in Medicaid reimbursements to inform their employees of the federal False Claims Act (FCA) and whistleblower-protection laws, along with similar laws at the state level.

A “whistleblower” is an employee who makes a report (“blows the whistle”) should they believe their employer has submitted false claims and engaged in fraud in order to receive government funds. The FCA penalizes organizations that submit false claims. It provides financial compensation to the employee if the employer is indeed found guilty of fraud.

The Cintas, 25-minute online Whistleblowing Training Course fully explains what employees need to know about when, how and why to use the whistleblowing provisions of the FCA as part of complying with the DRA. Topics include:

  • A macro view of healthcare fraud
  • Requirements of training
  • Details of The False Claims Act
  • What is qui tam?
  • A look at administrative remedies
  • Understanding what constitutes fraud in healthcare
  • How to assess a possible fraud claim
  • The rules for protecting whistleblowers
  • Rules for reporting fraud

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